"Channeling As an Art Form"

This phrase was given to me by my guides awhile back and I never went back and asked them specifically about it.  I am still very curious and would like for them to elaborate on this because when I'm given phrases/topics out of the blue, there's usually a good session to come from it in the future!  However, until they give me more information, I can say what I feel this means to me.  You see, around this time, I was going through some "typical" Brenda challenges around my own channeling.

One of those challenges was/is worrying about what other people think.  Yes, I'm a channel and I'm still wrestling with this one!  Even as I step back and try to look at myself and my emotions, I am humbled by how much of a struggle this still is for me.  Sure I have my times where I feel like nothing can bring me down.  However, when it comes to new things that I'm tackling, I'm obviously going to be looking "out" to others to see what's what.  It's what I do.  It's what I'm great at!  I've spent a lifetime looking at people and learning from them, not by them directly teaching me, but by studying the behaviors that I see and the various patterns and outcomes that are pretty darn predictable believe it or not.  It's why I studied Psychology in college for goodness sake!  :)

So here I am years into this whole psychic medium/channeling work.  And when I say work, I mean work!  I've looked into and listened to various channels/energy workers over the last few years, however I have been mainly drawn to a couple.  The reason?  A lot of the traditional (whatever that means) channels come from schools of thought (or religious backgrounds) that have fear as an aspect of the teachings.  There are all these warnings about how a person needs to protect themselves and others from other "toxic" people and lower vibrational beings.  Now, here's the thing.  I wasn't jiving with most of the "empath" information out there about people here on this plane, so when I found a channel who basically took that same idea and applied it in his own life with his channeling, it just rang true...for me.

As I've tested the waters in various groups, in life and online, I've found that I had a hard time staying because when people start talking about how you need to fear x, y, and z, (psychic self defense) it's no surprise that the power of those suggestions start messin' with your mind.  They did for me.  Here's the thing.  I tried a lot of those things, but you know what?  My heart wasn't into it.  In fact, the suggestions started to cause fears about things that I hadn't even thought of and wasn't worried about in the first place because I had finally built up the trust with my guide(s).  Sound familiar?  Maybe like what happens to people if we start watching too much news?  The world starts getting a bit jaded.  Or a lot!!  The same thing can happen with the people that we hang around with or groups we align ourselves with.  So...while the intentions were all good and kind and coming from a place of love, I had to back away from most of it because of my thoughts about fear in life in general.  I'm not even going to go into that in this post!  Another time.  :)

Back to channeling as an art form.  For me, what I've noticed is that there are no two channels that are alike, so to expect one to be like another is doing them a disservice.  Even with channels who may be channeling the soul of the same entity (like Michael, Jesus, etc), I would still not be surprised if there were differences and nuances to the messages.  Each person (channel) has their own lives that they have led and their own filters so to speak.

So what we come to now is that there are often expectations out there about what is "right" or "wrong" in just about everything and channeling is no exception.  I do think there is room for everyone.  It's our own journey.  It would be like telling an artist that they aren't creating their work of art the "right" way.  Often, artists do learn techniques of others and will use them in their own creations.  Other times, someone will come along and do something completely different and revolutionary.  History has shown us that people going against the grain often get criticized (or worse) for doing so. 

I feel like I fall into this category in a couple of ways in regards to my own journey with these gifts.  These things will hopefully help others either now or in the future in their own journeys, even if just to read something and think "It's not just me".  

First, I'm trying to be as open as possible about my process while still maintaining a sense of privacy when needed.  I am an introvert and lean towards the shy side until I start to get to know someone.  However, one of the things that I was trying so hard to find out about was the nuts and bolts about what other channels were going through while they were developing.  It IS a big deal especially if a person is a physical and/or vocal channel, in my opinion.  That's the stuff that can truly have people going through a lot of fear and I did myself for awhile.  Connections with the higher dimensions and higher dimensional beings is an amazing process, but I would be lying if I didn't say that I had to go through a lot of stuff, was often confused (still am sometimes) and wish I could have found others who described some of the more personal experiences they went through during their process.  Much will be a summary of what happened so far, although I do hope to be able to write more regularly about certain experiences as they come up.

Second.  This involves my guide(s) specifically.  I was given that I was a "Channel for the Soul" by my guide(s).  I did not come up with this myself.  One of my guides is able to bring through information for a person's own guides when doing a session.  What's right for one person, wouldn't necessarily be right for another.  Obviously!  In addition, one of my strengths throughout my life has been to help people, not by telling them what to do, but often just by asking questions and mirroring back to them what I see coming from them.  My guides are often able to do this with various topics that affect us as people on this plane of existence.  So are you loved just as you are in this moment, always?  Of course!  However, that doesn't mean that they are not going to guide us, sometimes asking us questions to get us thinking, that are difficult for various reasons.  These may include "hot button" topics that others won't take on.  Why?  Again, probably because I love it when they do, even if it means others are getting triggered by it.  You see for me, I know when I get triggered, it's a sign to go within and figure out what's going on with ME and that most often, there is some healing that needs to take place.  The guidance is all coming from a place of love.


Who Am I?

Prepare yourselves.  This is not going to be your usual blog.  My name is Brenda Lewis Gervais and up until a few years ago, if someone asked me to introduce myself, it would have looked something like this:

My name is Brenda Gervais.  I'm currently a 43 year old stay at home homeschooling mom to my 7 year old boy/girl twins.  I'm interested in reading, cooking, relaxing, traveling when possible, looking into all things mystical, psychology (especially MBTI), etc. " 

It's amazing how much can happen in just a few short years!  This is an updated version of how I would introduce myself.

My name is Brenda Gervais.  I'm currently a 46 year old stay at home homeschooling mom to my 10 year old boy/girl twins. I'm interested in reading, cooking, relaxing, traveling when possible, looking into all things mystical, psychology (especially MBTI), etc.  Oh and yes, I'm a Psychic Medium and a Channel!"

Did I just wake up one day and "voila!" instant knowledge from Spirit, Source, (or whatever term you're comfortable with) that came through clear as a bell?  No way!  It has been one wild ride!  Are you curious about the ins and outs of what this process has been like?  Are you thinking that this is the scariest thing that could happen?  Perhaps for many it would be.  Are you thinking it must be the most amazing thing to have happen?  It is for me, even considering the vast range of experiences and emotions that can come with this process (or at least what it has been like for me).  If you are even the littlest bit curious about what this can look like and want a behind the scenes look so to speak, then sit back, grab the popcorn (or whatever treat tickles your fancy) and prepare to hear from me and my guide(s) about a whole host of topics.