A Book I'd Recommend

Astrology fans might especially enjoy this book. All the main religions and pagan beliefs are based on symbols. Guess which ones?

"The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall (link at bottom of page)

A highly recommended book for anyone that wants to see the patterns in just about any religion and the beliefs handed down from the Pagans and others. The symbols are all there for us to see and explore. If people saw that they would understand why no religion is better than the other in essence, and why the main ones actually are all derived from the same things. Connecting with your own Divine is often the real goal, although it somehow got turned into many just wanting to get into Heaven as a place "outside" of us or tools of telling people how to behave. Not all of course, but I see it playing out on a society level big time. And I can definitely honor the ideas within the faiths and see how many are lifting themselves up by the teachings, the sense of community, etc. It's just never been the way I went "in".

I keep getting reminded by my own Soul of "IVF." That was part of my journey and the reason my kids are here. Thank you scientists of the world that are often denied their own beauty from various people of faith. Many of faith would deny my children or place them (in their minds) in places of hell, of devil, etc. So those ideas go out the window as I have brought through the vision of expansion of consciousness. I can't imagine anyone coming to me at this point, with those ideas. I can unwind them like nobody's business at this point. I would still respect their own Soul's vision (their Soul, not their ego necessarily as I connect on Soul-level).

I did what was needed, utilized science in my life (as we all do), didn't create with the idea of the devil or hell. It never made sense and boy am I glad I went that route. Thank you, mom and dad!!!! Less to unwind from my mind. It's all good though. We all have different paths & journeys we can explore.

So I did this process with an understanding of religion as helpful to many to lift them up (hopefully) to a place of being able to reach those higher understandings, abilities, vibrations within themselves.

One of my main points in many of my videos was that it is completely possible to do so (connect with your Soul) while not belonging to any organized faith or religion. I often chose tools that had me going within (I naturally do) and asking questions, playing out perspectives, etc.

I can't even tell you how many people would benefit from a little history. So many people condemn others for not being Christian or of some other faith and they honestly don't even look into what that means or the history of it. It's not bad, but it has been altered (like just about everything else), in so many ways that it is extremely sad.

Those of us that can reach a place of embodying our Soul should be given a standing ovation no matter how they reached it. Religion or no religion. It is a journey that doesn't have to be difficult, but it can be. The hell that is talked about is not a "place" for "others." That would be a point of separation that you have placed on yourself in your mindset.

I deal with the divine. I know how amazing it can be. How tough it can be, depending on the choices I make and the discord I cause on a Soul level sometimes if I let others' ideas come in that can wreak havoc. Or I make choices that serve others, but not my own Soul. That's when the energy drain is almost instant.

I already know of a couple people going through the process. For me, I aim for understanding, not to belittle anyone in religion, but to be able to defend myself (if needed) against those who may do so to me. I sometimes get that brought to me by the way. It's ok to have a thought, but if you are putting a lot of energy behind the belittling, you might want to rethink why you feel the need to do so.

I was guided by my Soul to let another person go from Facebook who was creating havoc on a different level. It's not done out of anger or hurt, but understanding that my aim is for peace, prosperity, health & love. Not just for myself, but for others. If there is an issue that can't be dealt with or that interferes with my ability to do so, I have to be ok with letting go. It's rare for me to do so. In this process, it's not surprising. We're told/conditioned that we're supposed to do x, y, & z for various reasons as children by our parents, society, organizations, etc.

In the end, your own Soul is just as amazing as mine. I just love understanding things, foundations, myself, and others as much as possible. Even if we don't see eye to eye. I've got the strength of "vision" helping me to see what's coming up not only for myself but others and society. I rock out to the visions of love and honor those of science because they do indeed keep us moving forward to a beautiful place of progress. In the end, there is no good/bad, right/wrong. It's just about what is serving each of us well and hopefully, helping us enjoy our lives.

This is for those of us brave enough to question the ideas that others say we aren't supposed to! Come to your own understanding. It may be for you or not. I just personally like having a bit of history under my belt.


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