A Little More About Me

As a child who was always connected to Soul, I developed an aptitude for divine guidance through the spiritual realms. Upon entering college as a psychology major, I decided to then focus more on the psychological way of understanding myself. However, as in many fields of science and technology, the mind was just a byproduct of who I really am. Instead of focusing on developing my mind in the ways of science after college, I decided to focus on who I was as a mother and wife. That led me to a beautiful place of security and determination which then allowed me to once again reclaim my own vision for who I am as Soul.

After many years of trying out various fields of inquiry and examination of the various tools of understanding, it became obvious to me that my true calling was still indeed, in the realm of guidance. I just didn’t know exactly how to bring it out. Once I started on the path of energy work as well, those latent abilities started to open up for me and I started receiving Soul guidance as well as inner galactic wisdom that we all do indeed have at our disposal if we so choose. I always felt like science just didn’t have the tools to understand what I was experiencing “yet.”

Upon entering Soul-level understanding I decided to embark in a career to show others how they too may enter those realms of understanding. I received the title “Channel for the Soul” by my own guidance and as the vision played out for me, I realized that many were forging new paths in something that very much aligned with my own experience of Soul embodiment. I was told channeling is just one aspect of who I am.

At this point in my journey, I have decided to speak up about who I am as ALL and in doing so, I see the views of others often being trampled on by various systems that people participate in. It is with this understanding that I have decided to speak out for all of us who find ourselves feeling left out of the view of love based on our own visions of who we are. In an attempt to help guide those who desire a more fulfilling life here in this plane, I decided to bring forth an alternative understanding of Soul that is often overlooked and/or discarded as “less than” by others, but very much fruitful for those who embody the vision of themselves as nothing less than beautiful, even as we go through the trials and tribulations of life.

With so many Souls about to break free from the conditioning of some of the currently held limited beliefs of science and/or religion, I have decided to put forth yet an alternative path to those realms of higher understanding and love. It is my sincerest belief that no one has the right way for everyone. Soul-level understanding is but one of many, but it has shown me so much more than I could have ever imagined. It is my sincerest wish that all who find themselves on the paths of whatever system they partake in, find that kind of love, adoration and joy.

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