A Moment of Reflection - Overturning of Roe v. Wade

I have been riding waves of emotion today. I did bring through this bit of guidance today as I sat down and tried to manage the conflicting emotions. It's best if I just let them through and they can then find the creative outlet that serves me best. I've been absent from the blog for a while now due to my own desire to publish a book and a course, only to realize that I haven't been expressing my own values. When I go into the mode of "guidance," it really helps me. Sometimes I may not like everything that comes through in the moment, but I can definitely appreciate it and know that for me, it will make sense once I "get off the rollercoaster." Once I'm in a mindset of "I'm of love of all no matter who disagrees with my sentiments about a court ruling," versus the idea of "I'm of love of IVF that helped bring my children into this world, which is now being threatened by others who claim their vision of 'Children should only be brought into this world by natural means,' " then I'll most likely bring through more about this topic.



"True Soul understanding is one in which we honor those who disagree with our minds, open up their hearts, cherish their own values first, and allow for the values of others to create unique opportunities for expansion with the Soul of Soul.

With this vision in mind, we understand the nature of 'let there be light when there is dark' is a common thread among many. What beings of love and light don't understand is that their own values are of the dark, only if they believe there is such a value of dark and light. So with that vision of love, there would be no value to holding others accountable for their so-called 'sinful behavior.'

When others hold us in their hearts and say, 'I have seen the light of all,' then we say, 'I can hold you in my mind as a loving vision of god of Soul. So what we mean by that is the justification for allowing others to express their own wishes of control over a females reproductive system would actually enhance the vision of 'I am of vision of control and thus I expect others to come to control me in my own vision of what freedom truly means to me.'

So by allowing others to express control of a female's aspect of Soul, what those who claim to be male actually are doing, is repressing the female vision of who they are on a Soul level, expressing as male, and inducing the labor force to be one of 'I am of faith of Jesus as Soul savior and not allowing such a Soul to do his work apparently.' "

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