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Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Empathy & Breaking Free From the Victim Mindset (channeled)

““And that’s the nature of where we go when we say we are empaths, we align ourselves with others and we learn to be strong for ourselves and what our beliefs are. What are our beliefs to be honest? I walk around taking on other’s identities so that I can heal their hearts. That’s the nature of empathic ability.

So we’re going to talk about that nature of empaths as taking on the identities. It’s not about the energy, yes it’s the energy, but it’s also about taking on the identity of the soul. You identify with their hearts and their minds. Usually their minds because the nature of pain is often of the mind, and not the body or the you know, “I’m in an internal struggle.” This is a good topic for us to go into. Your own heart is what opens you up to the nature of light...

Who is it that thinks that their family has all got the same idea about what’s right and wrong in this world? What do we work on in this life? It’s called “Respect” from her. So if you are feeling disrespected by the message that we may or may not be bringing or something Brenda may say on her website or on her social media. Please understand it’s not out to get ya. We’re not sitting here going “Ooh I need to take down somebody.” and then aim something at somebody. That’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to do a general reading for those who want to grow in their SOUL growth.

Now that’s best achieved if you’re in your own heart and if you’re in your own way of BEING, right. And people will say “Great, I’m good how I am.” and you are according to your own ideas, but you don’t even know what you’re missing out on. You’re missing out on the main point of doing this work which is to connect with your hearts and your SOULS and to bring out those natural abilities that you have, to bring forth the guidance that others don’t have. Correct? Well, this is the nature of where people were talking about “Well, I don’t want to hear from Brenda’s SOUL.” You would be surprised at how big her SOUL is...it’s gotten big because of what she’s gone through, because of the nature of her guidance. When you go to a place where others who are conditioning their minds with systems - she does that in some way, but she lets it go. She feels the vibration of a system and she says “This is going to be good for a lot of people who are still in that idea of my MIND is my control system.” But when she’s in her heart, and we let her know it’s part of her heart, to know “How am I to do this work that’s respectful to everybody?” Can you imagine someone sitting down and saying “My goal here is to be respectful to all SOULS? However if you’re triggered by what I say, that’s a sign that you might want to go inside and say “Why did I get triggered by something so benign?”

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