A tricky Part (And Example) of Psychic Prediction & More

One thing I have learned over the last several years is that with psychic prediction, you should try your best to not get too attached to the outcomes of a situation. I can see why it can get tricky. I know I've heard of many who say they can't get their own information or that it's just more difficult. What will happen based on the huge amount of factors that (like what area of life and how many people are involved). I'm sure there's more to it obviously as it is never as simple as we make it out to be.

With Soul embodiment, this can be true as well. I get those visions (not in images, but in a more auditory way.) Thought projections can hinder the process of clear information coming through. My own Soul/Guides are pretty clever when it comes to getting me the info when they know I am indeed invested in my mind, in the outcome. Whether it is for myself, the country, the world, etc.

An example. I have been told for a long, long time about Biden and Trump. I was getting messages from the Soul of Trump and the Soul of Biden. As stated in a previous video, I will not give out political predictions at this time because I believe the process should play itself out without my influence in that way. The guides have brought through that I can definitely bring out the states of mind that they are in, issues, and situations playing out since they are public figures that make decisions that affect our lives. I respect their Souls and they respect mine. That's why I get the information that I do.

So while I have known that Biden was going to be the next president for a long time essentially, I struggled in my mind as I watched the election play out. It was the morning after the election and as I was getting dressed, I got a message out of the blue: "Christmas will come early for the Biden family". So they didn't lead with his name so there wasn't any anticipation of a message.

Now I know that there are a lot of heavy hearts and minds in this country, but I'm trying to be as open as I can about this process for those that are interested in growing in and/or tapping into their own abilities. The process is very unique for each person of course, but I know for myself, looking at other guides as I did for several years often put me in the place of feeling like I wasn't good enough...yet. It's why I went ahead and started posting the early videos and that was still after a year or more of bringing out the guidance to friends and family who sat patiently while sometimes only words or small phrases came out. In the early videos, there was also a lot of editing where topics would just come in randomly so it was very, very jumbled. I was trying to bring through a clear message.

Even now, while sometimes the live sessions can seem a bit unfocused, it's because I'm opening myself up to the nature of more than one person, with no specific topic (usually) and a huge amount of trust that there will indeed be guidance brought through.

I write these posts in an effort to let others know not to give up on their dreams, themselves, and their own Souls. It's a process, opening up to your Soul in a more direct way. Take comfort in knowing that, bringing in more of those aspects of yourselves that may have been denied by yourself, your family, or society. Try to have fun with it as much as possible! Adventure, exploration, experimentation, fun, excitement, peace and above all, love.

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