"Brenda, you're bragging all the time."

Updated: Aug 20

Just a few minutes ago, I heard this message while flossing/brushing my teeth. It took me a couple of seconds to stop the instantaneous reaction and instead ask the question(s) that helped me a lot to let go of those judgments, opinions, etc., that people throw my way. "Is that true?" I can see how the statement "Brenda, you're bragging all the time" is loaded with inaccuracy. Is it ALL the time? What a vast generalization! All the time for my whole life? The last week? Year? How is someone coming to that conclusion?

I followed that up with some zingers. "Compared with whom?" First, one person's idea of bragging is another person's celebration in some way. Here's a good example of how I can gut-check this. Say, for instance, I see a couple celebrating their anniversary. Since I recently finalized my very amicable divorce, I may still feel various not-so-pleasant thoughts and emotions. Does it make sense for me to look at someone thriving in their relationship and feel bad about it? Or might it be that my potential feelings of "lack" of the relationship I want at this moment stir up those feelings of jealousy, envy, etc.? I think many of us realize this by now.

It sucks to feel that way when it does happen, but to be honest, it's pretty darn normal for us to have them from time to time. The question is, do I look out into the world and begrudge others their happy moments, especially if it's not at the expense of others? At the expense of others is a different topic that I'm not going to delve into now. :) One takeaway is I can choose how I react...or not. Does it mean I deny the fact that I had those thoughts/emotions? No. My idea is that we need more compassion for ourselves and others for being human. Does that mean we let go of any accountability/responsibility for our thoughts? It depends. Often, that is my signal to go within and try to figure it out or tap into my Soul's wisdom about what is going on. And again, it definitely can suck to admit to ourselves that we have those thoughts.

So, in reality. Many of those accusations that people put out there are more about who they are (think they are), where they are in their understanding of themselves/others, and their own values/beliefs/conditioning. Many do understand, and others are starting to. It can be part of the process of awakening/enlightenment that some don't like to hear about, though. It's not the same for everyone, of course.

Some may ask, "Why would your Soul/guides give you a message like that?" I wasn't told who it was coming from. It could be due to someone in my personal sphere having those thoughts about me. It could be a general perception that someone may have on my business page because I don't go into some of my more painful moments; thus, they think I'm only trying to paint a rosy picture. That's not it at all. I've never been one to "put it all out there" as many do. I'm pretty private, especially with my personal life, except with those to who I'm close. However, I may feel like sharing an aspect (aspects) of my life and experiences if I feel it will help someone in some way if they are going through something similar.

I don't post a lot about my journey with Soul embodiment and becoming a guide for others because I'm very aware of how easy it is to influence others. Someone may look at someone else's journey and have a seed planted that they will experience the same thing or something similar. I've had to overcome a lot of preconceived notions about what it is to be of Soul and what the process entails. I had some horrific experiences, and I came out of them stronger, so am I going to be happy about that? You bet I am! I'm also incredibly grateful for the guidance/wisdom that comes through for myself and others. Sometimes I still find myself in awe. Not only of my journey, but of the world and how things are created.

In the spiritual communities, there is much talk about going through a "dark night of the Soul." No, everyone doesn't have to go through that. I also don't create from the notion of heaven or hell as destinations that some religious institutions have in their teachings. I'm about energy, vibration, and frequency bands. I consider myself "pro Soul," so to speak. :D Have I had my moments of fear, pain, etc.? Absolutely! Why would I want to plant the seeds for that when in reflection and guidance brought through, I know why I created that and with whom, if others were involved?

We all have ideas about who should be posting, how they should be posting, and why they are posting what they are. We are not all the same, nor should we be. Wouldn't the world be a horrible place if we all were?! That's just my opinion, though. ; )

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