Comparing Ourselves

Comparing ourselves to others is a natural thing to do, but not where we really want to create. Yesterday I had a discussion with a friend about guidance. Some guides come through with words that are very uplifting/inspiring/beautiful in the expressions. I've experienced this from several people, some who are considered "guides" and most who don't identify as such. In essence, we are all guiding each other in life.

This morning, I was thinking about someone else I saw participate in a Reiki session a few years ago and she did something pretty unique that was an energetic surgery of sorts. At that moment I got a message about the guidance that I bring through. "You clean out the wounds before stitching them up. Some people just brush off the dirt and place a band-aid on it."

For me that is powerful. It's also my experience with various forms of guidance. It can often be easy to be in a room with a group of people who very often think alike, but then when you leave that group, it can be harder to keep applying those teachings. That was my experience. My guides told me I will not be bringing through cliche's as they don't really serve people well from a Soul level. That's where I work from. I have had my share of trying to put band-aids on myself so to speak, however, in the big picture, what I needed was not something that had me feel good in the moment, only to struggle with the same issue down the road, but an understanding of something within myself that I needed to take a look at. It is often not comfortable. This is especially true for me as I go down the path as a guide. I have also had issues crop up for me as I compared myself with others.

So I was comparing myself with someone else and the way they were able to bring out their gifts/guidance. How many of us are stuck in looking outside ourselves, comparing ourselves with others? Do we feel good about who we are and what we bring to the world? Or are we thinking we need to be doing more of what someone else is doing or being more like they are, for whatever reason? When do we honor our own gifts whether or not they are appreciated? I know that I have time yet before things take off for me and that's ok. I know that my form of guidance is not everyone's "cup of tea". :) But I'm not here to try to be a carbon copy of someone else and like myself, I expect the guidance I bring through to be as loving and strong as I am, if not more since it is coming from a "higher" level of understanding. Helping others to embody their own healing, gifts and Soul.

Opening ourselves up to various perspectives is a powerful place of healing for many, especially now. So it's not about discounting others or placing ourselves in a position of "better than", but realizing we have our own ways in which we "shine". Some of us don't bring it out for public display often. Some choose to keep them to themselves. Others want to show them to the world. So find those words of wisdom wherever you find them, but often, they lie deep inside ourselves, hidden by the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" of various teachings. Let's not limit ourselves by using others as a yardstick to compare ourselves to, especially if it leaves us feeling small or un-empowered. But for some of us, it's not just about feeling good in the moment, only to have things come back to bite us in the butt down the road. Some of us want a different sort of healing that seals the wound so to speak that can often bring a different type of healing. Not just in the mind or body, but in the Soul. That's where my guides shine and I'm not embarrassed to say that!

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