Dimensional Awareness

""Your OWN Soul knows what's best for you. When you're tuned into it, and that's where we're headed with Brenda, because this is the nature of opening up to guidance. We're here to help you open your own Souls up to the nature of your OWN abilities. Most people don't want to create because it means that I have to take a certain responsibility for what I have created here in my vision.

So for me, if I'm not happy with where I'm at, there's no one really to blame except for me. I do co-create with all Souls, but in the end my experience of it is still very much my own. So I'm able to react in a way that is in accordance with my Soul when I'm connected with my Soul. And when you're connected with Soul, you don't have the same experience that you would if you're not directly, and when we say connected, you're always connected to Soul, but your Soul is beyond what people think. It's not just you here in this body. You become more than what you are. You become more than what you think you are. And you become more and more like you are the more you connect with who you are. The thing is people don't want to connect with who they are because it is conditioned here that we are supposed to be just like others "here" vs. who I am "elsewhere".

So the vision is I'm trying to bring forth a 5th dimensional version of who I am, or 10th dimensional or 12th dimensional, into a place where people are expecting me to still be in the 3rd dimension. Which means that they expect me to act like other people based on where I am in my society or my group of friends or whatever. So if you want to be in the 10th dimension, you better be around people who know how to handle that.

Her (Brenda) 10th dimensional Soul plants seeds for her friends. "We went to London. It's going to be a little tricky for us when we get there, so we're going to buy our (English) money ahead of time." That's a message from her future Soul; it's not future, it's there already, letting her and her friend know. Her friend is afraid of the future.

"I'm bongo drums." There is a bongo drums Soul that her friend knows of that is conditioned in the art of bongos and we love that. "We're going to see the bongo man at Pier 39." He is no longer there. That's a past vision that was brought forward that Brenda did not count on. This friend that she is going to London with has brought forth this idea in her mind, at this moment, about the bongo drums.

**It was confirmed the next day that my friend was at a chanting/singing circle at that time and there was indeed a bongo man she was listening to at the time of the session I was conducting**.

Brenda gets messages for all Souls on this planet that she knows of. Some people she doesn't know and when we say all Souls, it's not like she's pinpointing perfection. It's not perfect because of her own limitations in her mindset about what she can and can't do. She's been told it's not the best way to operate in this world, but by golly if I have a message to pass along to someone saying "Were you thinking about the bongo man?" I'm connected to them. I get their messages. We're telepathically combining our Souls together as visions. We all create with our minds. So if someone is sending someone to hell (in their minds) they're also bringing it back. Ok. It's an interchange between you and I.

So for you, my dear friend who that is listening to me as Brenda, who is connected to Soul and to God, in his mind. That's someone else's thinking - she must be like a God if she's bringing forth telepathic information. It's the nature of how we do this work. I hear my friend's thoughts sometimes, right. Because we're connected in our hearts. So my family, who I love, I get to hear their messages of hate sometimes. And then I'm left to deal with that and I'm left to say "I love you no matter what and I understand if you don't like me anymore." Because it puts such a pressure on a Soul to now guard their thoughts. And that's what Brenda was doing for a long time. "Oh my gosh, I have to just adjust everything." And we say, no you don't.

Please don't worry that you're always sending messages. It's why she pulled back. And then she realized "This is my guidance that's telling me this. I am only given what is needed. If someone is hating me, I can understand that." That is her Soul. "I get it, you don't like my message so you hate me. Or you don't like the message. You may love me in your heart, you still do."

Ah ha! And this is where people are going to disagree in their minds. We are all connecting with each other vibrationally whether we want to or not. If we deem someone unworthy of our Soul, then what happens? We split off at the Soul level, but in essence we're still creating because we're all energetically sensitive beings, coming together, creating this place of existence for us, at this moment. It will cease to exist, but not for a very, very long time, so we do need to take care of it.

And those Souls who say that there is no sense in taking care of the planet because it is just one of those, you know, adjustment periods, that is particularly insightful on their part. They're trying to build that energy up, here in this plane, that we don't really need to do anything different.

However, what I want you to see is the nature of Light. And when Light says that I can't breathe anymore because of the combustion fumes that are not necessarily because of the cars, but because of the conditioning of the factories. We had to put in placements in our factories to keep things clean. If we had NOT done that, our result would have been much worse. So if this idea that, "Well we seem to be good now, why are we worried so much about global warming?" Now they are talking about outside of the air, so now we're talking about our atmosphere which is something that is created by ALL Souls, not just humans. Our atmosphere is not just human based atmosphere.""

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