Gentle Reminders From Guides

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

I'm not perfect. Not even close. I will say I'm perfect in my imperfection just to put a smile on my face because it's what makes sense to me. The last time I heard high pitched tones and eventually went on camera hours later to see what would be brought through, turned out to be a gentle reminder for me about an issue that I had briefly struggled with and had a reaction to. I love it when guidance comes through to either guide me (and maybe others) to a place of better understanding about a topic or issue. This one happened to be about a reaction I had related to Senator Rand Paul.

For me, I don't really have any real issues with many people. Years ago, I could even see myself in the mindset of a more Libertarian bent believe it or not. This reaction I had was not about a political affiliation, but about an issue that I'm sure many may have heard about. So while I did apologize in my mind for my reaction fairly quickly, it may have been a bit too hasty and not nearly as sincere because one of the things that I often do is to remind myself that we all are here doing different things, learning different lessons at different times. I didn't do it this time. It wasn't consciously not done. It could have been because of the busyness of my life. I know I did have that feeling of "ugh" after I have a reaction, even if it's just in my mind. I'm thinking I didn't sit with the uncomfortable part of it and really think about why I had such a reaction and work through the emotions that would most likely have led me to a place of peace rather than just distracting myself from doing the reflection process.

When I heard the tone, there was other information that came through, but towards the end of the video, gentle reminders were brought through for me (us) about this very issue.

So the point of this blog post was to let others know that even though I've embodied my Soul, it doesn't mean life doesn't have its bumps or that I don't have my own inner work to do as well because that's what I'm choosing to do. I'm perfect in my imperfection so to speak. I think it's helpful for others who are on their own journeys to know/see that so that there isn't some sense of "less than" or "I'm not there yet" if you start to compare yourself to others who are sending out guidance. A lot of guides don't talk about the not so pretty parts of the process. Some send out all kinds of warnings and unpleasant experiences. I don't send out a ton because I personally don't want to plant seeds unnecessarily for others or have people believe that it's a horrible experience for everyone. It's not. It doesn't have to be. I created some seriously rough stuff, but that was on me. I'd not place that as part of some process that everyone has to go through.

I think my own guides know that and understand how much I truly do appreciate it when they come through in the way they do. Sometimes all it takes is a gentle reminder to get through here and there. :)

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