Guidance From the Soul of Malcolm X - It Wasn't Time

Updated: Aug 19

Even after going through the process of Soul Embodiment, I still get messages brought to me that are obviously designed to trigger me. Usually they tie into things that other people might say about me based on my posts, my videos or whatnot. Other times, I just don't want to do with the topics that are brought through because I'm tired that day. Some days I feel like I have to fight my way through the slog of Souls because of agendas or whatnot.

The political arena is one of tremendous growth in my mind because if you can keep yourself high in that vision, then yes, you're on top of it! :) I like the challenge most of the time. I'm usually very good about being able to draw upon my experience of just trying to understand various sides and/or issues.

Yesterday, as I was typing out some guidance in the moment, I started hearing messages about his Soul. I typed for a few sentences and then stopped. I was tired. I didn't want to go into that least not then. I wanted something to lift me up and I automatically assumed that the topic going to be discussed was going to be heavy.

Now don't get me wrong. Often, I love getting other perspectives if it comes from a place of loving guidance (which it was) with the aim of helping myself (and hopefully others) understand something better. My own personal realization that I've had is that the more I try to understand others, the more I understand myself. And so even while I type this in the afternoon the next day, I'm tired.

So I do hope to be able to receive that guidance at some point. When I'm not tired. ; )

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