"Letting Go"

"The Art of Letting Go" - I received this message as I was dealing with the Souls of people who I know. And when I say "dealing with", I literally mean dealing with their Souls from other levels of understanding (that's another post for another date). I will be honest and say that the hardest ones for me to deal with sometimes are those who are so conditioned in their religious beliefs that those views are perceived as superior to others. I'm surprised at how many people I know who are religious, yet still want to hear their Soul information. ;)

Sometimes, it can be upsetting for us if all we want to hear is that we are loved (we are indeed) vs. the information to help us work through the situations we are struggling with. I recently had to tell a friend that I won't be bringing through guidance for her "on the fly" anymore for the sake of our friendship even though she was open to it. It was causing too much havoc in her mind. You see, if things aren't going so well, we often need to make different choices, and sometimes that is letting go of beliefs, situations or people in our lives. It's how we do that, that can make a big difference though. An honoring that the relationship is done or so struggled for whatever reason, that it's time for us to go our separate ways. Or at least change the nature of the relationship.

So while I haven't had to let go of many people who were close to me, I have obviously let go of many where we just didn't have much in common anymore, whether it's acquaintances, coworkers, classmates, etc. We all have if we think about it. I still get my Soul reminding me about people from my past that I created with. I've done a darn good job about letting people go without creating much havoc. Most of the time, we often just "drift apart".

Once you go to Soul-level understanding, be prepared to have people challenge you if you go public with that. It frightens people to think that they don't have it all figured out (whether they care to admit that or not). Hehe. Heck, I am the first one to admit that I still don't (how could anyone really, since consciousness is continually expanding), but what I do know is that I did a lot of inner work and made it to a level that many don't and many wouldn't want to.

You have to get out of the idea of "less than". That's not easy for a lot of us. Letting go can very well mean the idea that we are placing someone else's vision of who they think we are or should be, above our own. That can be a "slave state" of mind in my opinion. Once someone says you have to believe x, y, or z or be a certain way, you have given up your own free will to be who you are (and we are very much more than who we are here). Although I will concede that many of us are most likely still meant to follow the dictates of others. We all do on various levels since we now have laws in this country (U.S.) that many of us do follow (or not) to various degrees. The dictates I'm talking about are more about societal conditioning in its various forms that are not laws. I could write so much more about that topic, but will save that for another time. Hehe.

Soul-level understanding can give you a sense of freedom from a lot of that. But it can mean being courageous (invoking that bada$$ self of ours) and a "letting go" of safety nets which could take the form of things, people, conditioned beliefs, etc.

For me, the more I let go, the more peace I find in my mind. That's just me though. Our Souls will let us know through loving guidance, various options that will put us on a more pleasurable path (if that is what you're looking for).

And as I just sat back to pause in writing this, I got the message "She's clearing out a space for love." And that's the thing. Sometimes the most loving thing for us to do is "letting go." I have no doubt my own Soul guidance could come through with other levels of understanding around this topic, but it feels good for me to let others know the kinds of issues that I deal with as well.

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