Midlife "Crisis" - A Different Perspective

Excerpt from October 28, 2020 Guidance for the Soul Live episode:

""How many people know people come into our lives, right. You want to know the reality? Our Souls are constantly creating those situations for us to flower again. So this can also be that aspect of my midlife crisis. I don't call anything a crisis. Goodness gracious, let's not do that. So I'm very much in the idea of let's not, you know, make everything a big, you know, catastrophe. Literally, I was having fun. I called it a “midlife re - reevaluation” to be honest, because I really wasn't expecting a whole lot to happen. I was just like, “I think I need to go in. I'm feeling the need. I'm a mom. I'm tired. I'm burned out. Let me go in and see what's going on and if I can have fun along the way”, bravo! Bravo, right.

Let's stop calling it a crisis. This is a time to cherish when we finally kind of break free. Or a lot of us are breaking free. It's starting to happen a little bit later because we tend to hold off on looking at ourselves very deeply until our kids are away from us, right. We have so much focus on our children, it's hard for us to focus on our own needs as mothers and fathers, until the kids are kind of, you know, gone from the nest, okay. But, you know, it just naturally happens. There's plenty of people who are going in, looking at themselves at various ages. But that's just a really common thing to happen. Where people - people will call it, you know, things. It's not an excuse to go out and have affairs and, you know, people call - it's like stereotypical behavior.

You know what. We're gonna sit there and blow the roof off that idea. And it's not to sit there and kind of demean anyone's painful experiences that they may have either caused or experienced or participated in, with anyone else around that time. And people get labeled as things during that time, okay. That is one of those times it's very common for people to start bringing in more of their own Soul, okay. Because they're looking back, right. And going,”What did I create? And why did I do x, y, and z? And now I feel confident enough I may - maybe I have the - the resources to do it now. Maybe I have the time to do the work that I need to do.”

When we're young, are we sitting there thinking, “Hmm. Let me, you know, do Soul work.” Most of us are out, just either trying to survive - that's another big part of it. “I just want to make it through the day.” That's a lot of people, right. When you're a teen, you know, that's not even on your radar for the most part. For me, I was always going in. I was just always going in. That was just me. But, you know, then we get in our 20’s and, you know, we're out dating and we're building our career. We don't have time now to go within. How many people are like, “Yeah I was so busy.” Now maybe you're out having a blast. Now we have, you know, these times of, you know, going in and that's usually what Soul embodiment is going to require. It's going to require some time for you to go in and say, “I love who I am”, right.

That's one of those spiritual paradigm things that says that you have to love yourself before you embody your Soul. I definitely was not there. And I'm gonna reiterate and like I said, this is gonna be a repeat for some of the people who have seen some of the other videos and whatnot, that I've done. I was at one of my highest weights. I was lonely. I was confused. I was tired. I um, had been doing a lot of fun work though, but I still - I was working on the self-love. Let's put it that way. Or what I thought. In essence, I'm like, “I know I love myself.” My ego is there telling me I love who I am, right. I have those strengths. I was starting to get into that mode of having fun again in my life. And you know what? It wasn't like it was just with a bunch of people. It was more like enjoying the process of going in, finding those fun tools that make you smile. And it can be anything, anything that you choose. ""

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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