Perspectives: A Guides Tool of Comfort

"I'm here to show you the loves of your lives as insignificant compared to the love of your own Soul selves, uniting in the vision of 'love of self' first and foremost. And when one of us compares us to another, she stated with supreme authority that her vision is to conquer the world with her righteous vision of 'love of all.' "

This is what was brought through for me after I read a meme of another Soul vision related to obstacles and conquering them. It had thousands of likes/loves. I started to compare my own understanding of vibration and frequency bands. My immediate thought, though, was about the nature of a person needing to conquer an obstacle. In my own Soul journey, I've found that the ideas of conquering, fighting, etc., just don't resonate so much and often don't get me the desired results.

As I write this, I wonder what that state of mind brings to me. Is this my outlook on the world? I'm fortunate not to have to worry about much, although I've been through the wringer plenty in my life. My work with mindset mastery with guides is not here to say that there is anything bad with what was said. My curiosity was about how many have the mindset that obstacles are to be conquered rather than understood first and foremost and then allowed to see why we are creating the obstacles in the first place. Either for ourselves or with others. So I then put out the question in my mind about the nature of "obstacles."

"Obstacles are here to show us where we are in our mindset. If we allow others into our hearts first and foremost, we would see how 'alliances of sin' allow for others to be tossed aside easily so that their vision of love can allow for their own vision to rise above in the mindset while others caretake their hearts gently and allow for others visions to play out on the Soul level and see how many of those gentle warriors are the ones to steer us to a path of 'serenity' versus 'My needs of fighting this world are too great to bear, and I must leave this plane immediately."

I'm embodied and, thus, always able to receive guidance of my own that is not just caretaking of my own heart and mind. "But those Souls of late, in their minds, are feeling victimized in their Souls due to the nature of 'My values of sin are not being honored like I would want them to be.' It is because I personally never did create from the perspective that I was flawed or less than anyone else in the bigger picture. I can see how SOME are using various interpretations of "sin" to try to raise themselves up in the mindset over others based on ideas of what they believe or were taught to believe is right or wrong. Again, I'm utilizing a different "lens" to view the world. And that would be Soul vision and the idea of Soul alignment, not bad/good. I'm not here to conquer or label anyone anything negative because I'm more of the "golden rule and win/win" kind of gal.

Back to "obstacles." I don't feel like fighting life. I trust my life and my choices and tend to look at things more objectively. I don't think about conquering anything or anybody but coming up with solutions or at least coming up with different choices. I find that forcing my way through life doesn't work for me. It's a mind-shift practice that I do. It brings me peace knowing I can do what needs to be done without taking on the energy of anger. Determination feels better. However, if I'm determined to do something and it's not working out, maybe it's not right for me. Am I fighting a losing battle? These types of answers are what my Soul lets me know.

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