The Creative Ability To Do The Work

""People are labeling "The Work" as Shadow Work. That's not Shadow. That's just "I'm going to deconstruct everything so nothing fits except what is going on in the moment. And that's the nature of a lot of the work is to just be appreciative of the moment and express yourself and say, "I'm having a good time or I'm not and how can I do better?" How can I create better? This is the nature of creation, right? Now people are going to get that and run with it. "Ooh, I get to create all I want." This is the Law of Attraction. Let me create this beautiful place.

So I'm in this harmony, right? Harmony was my goal with most people, so that's why I was able to create a lot of beautiful expressions in my heart. I love my family. I don't like their political views. That's all it is. I don't have to agree with your political views to love you. I don't have to agree with your kind of work, ok? If you work from the devil perspective in religion, so be it. That's your creation.

My own desires were to be outside of religion. And in psych - if you go to shadow work, you're still in religion in essence. And that's how we know...""

People who know me, know how much I love shadow work lol...and that has to be let go for myself. My guides have and continue to help me unwind a lot of conditioning around various ideas, methods, etc. And yes, every once in awhile it is incredibly difficult for my mind. My heart is there, my mind sometimes isn't.

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