The Power of Prayer - Another Perspective

I was reminded of my own times being triggered by hearing about those praying for me.

I just saw a post about people praying for people without them knowing. Here's the thing. I used to get messages about people praying for me when there was nothing wrong with me and I wasn't asking for prayers. So what's really going on? Am I doing something that someone else considers to be bad based on their own values, beliefs, mindsets? What might be more useful is to go inside and ask ourselves why we feel the other person needs to be how we THINK they SHOULD be, especially if it's not affecting us directly. Are we somehow hoping the other person will change and why?

I hope people don't take this the wrong way, but that was part of my process and it's not about discounting prayer as a collective vision or as a tool to help others who ask for it. The one thing I have learned is that many of the issues we have in our lives are often because we think we know better than others, what is "better" or "right" for them. Or we don't want to deal with the issue directly. When you receive guidance for another Soul, then you might have a better understanding. I always take into account intentions. I'm assuming most people have good intentions when they pray. If we have issues with someone, it might be better just to go ahead and try to work out the issues, if possible, with open communication.

I also am certified in Reiki (although I don't practice it) which has the distinct understanding that any healing sent to a person will basically only be allowed in if the Soul of the person is open to it.

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