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One of the things I am starting to wrap my brain around is Soul embodiment and how once I did that, I actually start creating with my Soul. I was told that I embodied my whole Soul, or at least enough of those aspects to be considered whole. I do have a few still working their way to me.

So let me give an example of what that can look like with the understanding that because one of the aspects of my Soul is of a channeling nature, it has been a little bit tricky at times for me to decide if the messages were for me from my own Soul, or if I was still in the mindset of “channeling” and getting messages from outside sources so to speak. This process is still getting fine tuned for me.

I was given the message a few days ago that I could go to Cheesecake factory. I didn’t take advantage of it and just let it go. The day before yesterday while on a hike with my children, I heard a quick message about a bee. I wasn’t able to tune in and get more clarification about it. As we were driving home and I was tired, I heard “KFC”. Ok, so yes, I was tired and didn’t want to cook dinner, especially since I had an evening session to get ready for. I remembered the message about the Cheesecake Factory and told the family about going to the outdoor patio there. I know my Soul gives me information about where I can go, even during this time of pandemic. I thought about how it would be nice to get ready early and finally go sit outside to eat dinner for a treat. I could then just come home and do the session since I would be ready.

We had a nice dinner. It was a little hot since we were there earlier than normal so the sun was As we were sitting there waiting for dessert, a bee came over to the table and the kids were having to wave it away a couple of times. I knew right then, that the message about the bee was validated as future coming to me.

Now, I did get a message that I would have had a better experience had I gone the day I actually heard the message because it would have been later in the evening and cooler. It still worked out though. :)

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