What Labels Are We Taking On and Why?

One of the things I've been keenly aware of lately is how often we take on labels, or identify with them. They are sometimes useful to help us figure out the world in certain ways, but at what point do we understand that many do not really serve us well.? Sometimes we wear them as badges of honor of some sort. I think it can be helpful to be aware of those labels and see if there isn't something behind it. Ask ourselves some questions.

One of the common labels I see being placed on either ALL of us or a lot of people is this idea that we ARE broken. According to who? How are they defining that?! Why would I identify with something like that, that assumes there's something wrong with who I am? Is it true? Doesn't that just send me down the path of feeling like I need to be "fixed" in some way? That label has my whole Being locked into something "negative" instead of maybe one aspect of my life that needs to be looked at. Most likely, I can find a lot of amazing things that a person is embodying, but they just can't see it for themselves. That's why thinking in terms of black or white, or ALL or nothing doesn't feel so good. At least it doesn't for me. I tend to see just about everything along spectrums anyway.

Another thing about certain labels are that I can see them being useful, depending on where we are in the moment. Here's an example that I looked at myself, just this morning. I was doing a dance workout and a great song came on that stated "I am a survivor." It's a really empowering song, great beat, etc. However, hearing it made me feel a little strange. That's usually my cue to go in and figure out why.

I realized that so much of my life has been trying to take off a lot of labels. At some point, I wanted to stop labeling myself a survivor and move on to being able to thrive. Yes, there is that cliche. So while I have had my rough times where I felt like I was a survivor, I wanted to give that up. It felt like it was keeping me in that victim mindset. Not that we shouldn't acknowledge and give ourselves kudos for making it through whatever difficulty we have had in our lives or to diminish that are still going through whatever issues they are.

So I can definitely see embodying that mindset while in the thick of things so to speak, but at some point, hopefully we can take that label off and put ourselves in a different place in our hearts and in our minds. Let's aim for higher in the present. Am I still there in that situation or is it in the past? Let's plant the seeds for a better path forward. "I'm empowered." is where I would put myself in my mindset at this point. It's what I wish for ALL of us.

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