Why Would We Want To Create the Hellish Realms?

Excerpt from 10-31-2020 Channel for the Soul Live episode:

""How many people say that their vision is stronger than mine because they can bring through channeled words of wisdom from the demons of the Soul of God? Do you know how many people feel that vision and want to keep it going? Look inside your own heart and ask yourself, “Why would I want to bring through that vision for somebody else?” Because in essence, “That's my own vision of hell that's being brought out in someone else's "thing". I am seeing that because it is also part of me.” We are all connected, therefore we all create that vision.

So for us, those of you who want to lob people in this vision of, you know, “That's hellish and you're bad and you're bad.” And we don't mean it in a way of - determining, “Yeah, you're showing me something I don't like.” But people project a lot of their stuff on people. I have my own visions of it. We judge, right. We have our opinions and I'm gonna bring through that system again, but it is true. Judgment is a big thing that we do, okay.

So - and we've already gone into this. You cannot place someone else into another realm with your mind. That's you. You'll have to work on that vision yourself. You do not get to determine who goes to what realm. You may think you can but you can't because it's based on your own belief system that they might not even be vibrating in. Now if someone is in a church and then they themselves feel like they are in that hell - hellish realm, then yeah, they might have that vision of “I'm in hell”, right or “I'm gonna go there”. And then they will get the experience of it from their own Souls and then they will vibrate right out of it. And it's not pleasant but it's not bad, okay.

Um, for me, I got told that I'm the best damn thing ever. Because people are like that would stop a lot of people from placing others in those realms in their minds. It's another part of the safety valve aspect of - of a religion. It's not bad. So it's not about trying to scare people but it's basically so you don't keep creating those visions of destruction within your own mindset. And so sometimes having those visions of, “I get to place someone else there because of their vision”, it means then you can let it go, right. And so you don't have to keep creating that - that energy of, you know, “I can't deal with this other person”, okay and, “So I'm just gonna send him there in my mind and hopefully be done with it”, okay. Because it creates havoc for you to have all of those negative, you know, thoughts and energies going throughout your system. Instead you might want to embrace the love of ALL and, you know, vibrate out of that vision that I need to put anybody anywhere other than where I'm at.

Do I vibrate in the realm of demons? No, I do not. Um, most people will say that they have not experienced that vision. I do know how to tap into the nature of the shadow aspect of light, okay. Um and most people will go, “That's from the psychological realm” and that's the beauty of it. I would send people that route before I would go to the religious understanding and that's just my own personal opinion, okay. Because in essence, anyone who's in the work of shadow work knows that we love ourselves fiercely. That's part of it, okay. So I'm not discarding people by saying that there's that vision of it, okay. I literally had to do that work, people. I had to go in and love myself. Even those things that I don't really care about. Or things that I wanted to change. Or things that were considered lower or, you know. I had to do all this work...""

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