Let's connect!

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Live Online Sessions

This is where you will be sent at a certain date and time if you have scheduled a live session with me.  You will receive a password to enter the live session with me and I want to assure you that the session will be private.  The sessions will be recorded and sent to you if you desire.  I can not be held responsible for technical issues on your part.  Please make sure your computer has met the technical requirements. If you are signing in with your cell phone, please note that sometimes turning your phone to get a different angle can lock out the video aspect of the session, although the audio has still worked.  Please do not adjust your phone angle once in the live session if possible.

Phone session

If for some reason, a client does not have the ability to do a live session over the internet, a phone session is possible.  My plan is to be able to record the audio from phone sessions in order to provide copies to clients. As always great care is taken to make sure that any technical issues do not arise, but sometimes there are things that happen that are outside of my control.  

In person

Myself and my guide enjoy working with people in person and hope to be able to do so in the near future.  Check back here for updates about meeting with me.